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Speaking to Cuc Phuong National Park, the symbol tree millennial role subconsciously ingrained in everyone from Vietnam to international tourists. In which mineral water is located in the buffer zone of Cuc Phuong primeval forests of Cuc Phuong is mine rare water nature provides. 
- Natural mineral water is extracted from Cuc Phuong hot mineral source (350C) at a depth of over 100 meters in the buffer zone of primary forest of Cuc Phuong scientific name magnesium bicarbonate. Competitive advantages of the product as originating from high-quality mineral resources, unspoiled natural environment, unpolluted.
- Water quality natural khoangg Cuc Phuong was the competent authority certification and accreditation consumers through standard:
+ Quality of the Department of Health in Ninh Binh No. 01/2013 / YTNB-TNCB.
+ Vietnam Standard number: 1626-1997 / QD - MOST & MT.
+ European Standard CODEX STAN 108-1981, Rev.2 - 2008.
+ QMS ISO 9001: 2008.
+ Fit European Community directives EEC 80/777 / CEE.
+ Trademarks registered patent protection score: 39 922
2001 so far with sustainable products of high quality and class. Natural mineral water Cuc Phuong affirms its firm position in the market, brand worthy of Cuc Phuong. With the desire to give consumers a product of high quality drinks, a safe and healthy right with the slogan: "Take little public health ''. JSC Cuc Phuong mineral water constantly improve ourselves, improve product quality improvement, improved models, improve customer service quality.

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